About Sean

Sean grew up in Chicago, Illinois before moving with his family to Texas. Following graduation from the University of Texas at Austin, he began a career in social work, helping to build life skills programs, and providing outreach and resources to community oriented organizations and non-profits.

After 6 years of working to support communities in need, Sean made the decision to attend law school.

Why Law School—and Why Business?

While his perspective has always been people-focused, Sean understands that money and commerce are the engines that power every thriving community. Therefore, he believes in a socially responsible approach to business—an approach that creates economic health and access to the resources for people of all backgrounds and perspectives. Sean pursued a career in law to support this vision for others—and ultimately, to establish his own socially-driven law firm focused on business consulting and real estate transactions.

Community Service

Sean has served as a Commissioner on the City of Dallas Landmark Commission and a board member of The Real Estate Council. He currently serves on the board of the Golden SEEDS community development corporation, and serves as the Residential Neighborhood Specialist on the City of Dallas Urban Design Advisory Committee. He also personally invests in low- to mid-density multifamily developments in Chicago and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Sean is an entrepreneur and investor who is passionate about helping other business owners and real estate investors achieve their goals, expand their horizons and create new opportunities for themselves and others.