Business Counsel

Entity Formation and Company Agreements

In the beginning stages of a company or business venture, it’s very important to have clear and binding guidelines as to ownership structure, management, and governance among members, managers and officers of the company. TLC helps you to choose the right entity for your business and to ensure that your company policies and procedures are outlined thoroughly in a Company Agreement.

Contract Negotiations

Whether you need to prepare the initial draft of contracts, revise existing contracts that have been provided to you, or prepare of forms of contract to be reused for common transactions (such as vendor contracts, employee handbooks, independent contractor agreements, or non-disclosure agreements), the team at TLC is able to help you.

Stock and Asset Purchase Agreements

TLC attorneys assist business owners with buying and selling corporate entities and assets belonging to existing companies. We provide thorough due diligence assistance, and negotiate the terms and conditions in a manner that maximizes the benefit to the client, while protecting the client’s short- and long-term business interests.